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Each issue of Something Sweet brings you exciting and inspiring tools that build into an indispensible kit for making mini cakes, chocolates and confectionery.

We'll show you how to make delicious sweet treats using professional-standard moulds and decorative tools like cutters, piping nozzles, stencils and embossers.

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Issue 1 comes with a heart mould, gold foils and FREE gift box to create a wonderful gift of handmade chocolates.


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  • Piping Equipment - using piping nozzles and squeeze bottles to enable you to pipe perfect mini cupcake swirls and meringues.
  • Moulds - a selection of silicone and plastic moulds ideal to use with fondant, marzipan, chocolate, and sugar solutions to make professional-looking chocolates and candies.
  • Cutters - colourful resin coated cutters which are perfect to make delicate mini toppers for your chocolates sweets & mini cakes.
  • Stencils - use stencils to decorate cakes, cookies and confections with beautiful detailed designs in a matter of minutes. Using chocolate, lustre dusts blossom tints, edible ink pens and royal icing.
  • Embossers - use decorative embossers to imprint beautiful designs in your fondants and sugarpaste covered mini cakes and cookies
  • Finishing Touches - Present your creations perfectly with the help of wonderful embellishments - from stunning gold petit four cases, to a range of chocolate boxes making perfect gifts for all occasions.
  • Couplers - Handy to use with your piping equipment when you are interchanging your nozzles for more intricate designs.